The Northeast Hop Alliance

The Northeast Hop Alliance (NeHA) welcomes hops growers, brewers, educators, and supporters to join us in promoting hops as a specialty crop in the Northeast, and to restore hops as the profitable agricultural industry that once thrived in this area for nearly 150 years.

  • Organized in 2001.
  • Sub-chapters in Maryland, New York and New England.
  • Advised by Cornell Cooperative Extension of NY and the University of Vermont Crops and Soils Team.
  • Over 300 members across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.
  • Membership includes hops growers, brewers, homebrewers, historians, educators, and hops supporters of all kinds.
  • Our Mission Statement

    The Northeast Hop Alliance is a broad based coalition established to explore the feasibility of re-establishing commercial specialty hops production in New York and the Northeast.